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Corridor of Hope

Wellness & Consulting

Therapy is available for couples throughout the various stages of their relationship.

Help is available for Grief and Loss, Depression, Anger & Anxiety Management, addiction, and more.

Assistance for families, in all their forms, and for the issues that impact these important relationships.

Juanita nelson-brown,


"I am particularly interested in clients that are open to cultivating the garden of their life. Our life can represent a garden; in any garden there are beautiful flowers and unfortunately there are thorns and thistles. My client must be willing to smell the aroma of the flowers as we travel through the thorns and thistles of the garden life also.


My scope of specialization is broad. My passion for people motivates me to become familiar with various populations and theoretical approaches. I am culturally sensitive to my clients; being culturally sensitive allows me to incorporate my theoretical approaches with the clients origin, ethnicity and any religious affiliations."

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